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Math Gym

Puzzle on iPhone

Math Gym creates puzzles designed to exercise your mental arithmetic. A series of calculations scroll up the page, and you have to work out the final answer.

As you progress, the calculations progress from simple to not-so-simple, and they scroll away faster. This happens after you get a few correct answers in a row without the use of the pause or retry buttons. If you get the answer wrong you can retry as often as you like, or you can give up and see each step worked out for you.

The lower levels should be accessible to anyone who knows their times tables. But at the top level - and at top speed - most math graduates would struggle (the author is one, and he can’t handle level 10).

These screenshots are of the iPhone/iPod Touch display, but the game is also designed for the iPad and iPad Mini; see the App Store for iPad screenshots.

Game Options


  • Difficulty affects the type of calculation. Level one only involves addition, subtraction, and multiplcation of single digit numbers. The higher levels introduce division, squares, square roots, cubes, primes etc., and of course the numbers get larger.
  • Steps is the number of calculations in each sequence.
  • Speed is obvious.
  • Both Difficulty and Speed are varied automatically (upwards or downwards), depending on how you get on, but you can always change them yourself.
Puzzle on iPhone


  • Partial results are always whole numbers. So if you’re asked to divide 20 by 7, you’ve already gone wrong. Perhaps you should be on 21?
  • If a calculation seems unreasonably hard, look at what’s coming up next. For example, multiplication by 35 will almost certainly be cancelled out by a division by 7 or 5 immediately afterwards.
  • Swipe your finger up to move forward, or down to pause and move back.


  • The game is called Maths Gym in the UK iTunes Store and and Math Gym in the US.
  • It was originally named Bill, after Bill Patton - a former headmaster of Ventnor Middle School (Isle of Wight). Anyone who experienced his ‘basics’ lessons will understand why.
Download Math Gym from the App Store


Sample puzzles at various levels...

Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 8 Level 10
Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 8 Level 10

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