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X-Figure : Number Crosswords

Easy Puzzle on iPhone

X-Figure puzzles are like crosswords, but the answers are numbers rather than words. They range in difficulty from easy to fiendish (the one on the right is easy).

Many clues refer to the answer to another clue. At the easier levels there are always some clues that get you started, for example:

1 Across: Four times 2 across
2 Across: Days in three weeks

But the harder puzzles don’t have these. You’ll need to stretch your brain to get the first numbers in:

1 Across: Four times 2 across
2 Across: 1 across minus sixty-three

Optionally, X-Figure can tell you which answers are right or wrong as you go along, and even suggest the next clue to have a go at. For the harder puzzles, you can enter notes into the squares to keep track of your deductions.

The built-in help system includes plenty of useful hints, together with tables of squares and primes (useful for the harder levels).

Game Levels - Easy to Diabolical


X-Figure runs on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch. For obvious reasons the grids on iPads are larger, and have more clues, but it works well on any device. The smaller puzzles can be just as tricky and interesting as the larger ones.

The image below is from an iPad, the others on this page are iPhones.

The Free Version has a limited number of different games. The Full Version will generate as many as you can handle.

Medium Puzzle on iPad


  • See the Hints Page for help with solving the puzzles.


  • X-Figure is pronounced Cross Figure.
  • It has evolved from an old game for the PC, written by the same author in the early 90s.

Download X-Figure from the App Store

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